Disclaimer and Conditions

By using the Participatient smartphone app, users accept the following conditions. The conditions of app use are also applicable for the website.

  1. Participatient is a quality improvement project of the LUMC in which medical protocols are made available to users (patients). Users are able to get an indication of their current medical situation. The purpose is to inform the patient, though the advice in the app will never replace the judgement of medical staff.
  2. The use of the Participatient app is in testing and data is collected for medical research. In the research gender, age category,  ward of admission and eHealth literacy are registered and linked to app use. With these data individual users are not traced and are not identifiable. We will use the data to evaluate which categories use the app and which features to improve in the app.
  3. Participatient strives to keep use of the app safe. With the IT-experts of the LUMC we designed safe and anonymous data transfer. Participatient complies to Dutch and EU law, and does not supply data to third parties.
  4. The app advice and information is built on literature and protocols with international standards. Despite caution in the preparation, we do not guarantee accuracy, completeness and up to date information. Participatient does not take responsibility for the conclusions or actions derived from the app. Damage whether direct or indirect is not legal liability of Participatient.
  5. The app does not replace the normal treatment. When in doubt, consult your physician or nurse. Use of the Participatient app is at your own risk.
  6. All contents concerning the app are intellectual property of the Participatient Team, part of the LUMC. Other use of this contents, such as copying, reproducing, publishing, or distributing is not allowed without explicit written permission of the Participatient Team.
  7. The Participatient Team reserves the right to change functionality, contents, and conditions of use without notice. Participatient will strive to communicate these changes with medical staff.

For questions or comment please contact us via info@participatient.eu.

Kind regards,
The Participatient Team