The app

Infection Prevention app development

The smartphone app Participatient is developed to involve patients in the communication and decision-making on their hospital stay. Aiming for more patient satisfaction and a safer hospital stay.

This eHealth solution is made in co-creation with patients and nurses, and our team of social scientists, engineers, eHealth experts, infection control professionals, infectious disease specialists and clinical microbiologists.


The app is available for participating study sites only. When admitted to the nursing ward you will receive a access code via the nurses.
Download the app for Android here or for iOS here.

The app consists of checks, which allows patients to get a personalized advice. Patients are stimulated to use the app during their hospital stay and to discuss the information they receive from the app with their care providers.

Additional functionality comes through a daily reminder to fill in the checks and by adding other useful features in the app, and information on infection prevention, urinary catheters and pain management in plain language.

The app is available in Dutch, the English version will be released in 2019.